*Sunnday Oct-23 As The National Day Of Liberation In Libya, After The Fall Kadafi "May God All Mighty Bless Their Nation*


T.Blair as a lose corrupted poltical-mobster & his criminal assoicates base in the U.K nations, within US Neo-con reject's, and the failed Liberal-democrat, and within the falied & backward EU-members links coming soon?

Iranian revolutionaries draging the imposter shah statue on the street of Tehran, on Bahman-22nd in the yera 1357 with a great joy

SHRIN EBADI Crime Files:

"Mrs Shrin Ebadi, as a Reza Khany era secularist and a habitual lier whom schemed a book and secertive consipacy scheme with the deposed secular faction gangs, and out laws out side Iran whom as fugitives left the country and went underground after 1979 modern era revolution for social justice, liberty from muti-national domination over Iran natual resouces, which brought mass poverty to the nation for two generations. Shrin Ebadi as a well paid lawyer with out law Shah dictatorial regime like many other shamless nameless Iran street wemen serve the dictator tyrant schemes of corrption in return for the social domenation and corrption of their own whom openly rejected the Islamic Shria-laws and fabricated wemen liberation flase base schemes omposed on youth and the poor and working class, with the support of late deposed dictator shah notorious wife the fake-queen Farrah. With a crafty schemes by her lawless secular base and the "EU member nations anti human rights and social order", and criminal connection to the adversary of the Iran nation with the backward European states whom lack history and noble schalorship to govern their states world war-1 & 2 and the savegery of it are the best document which shows plus the old twisted Hellenist-romanism, and the decline of prophetic christanty, sine Emperor Julian neo-paganism, Shrin Ebadi, concession to mislead Iranian noble female classes made her a top corrupted candidate to get a Noble Peace Prize on 2003, soon after her wicked Reza-khany side and her illegal seculariest movement took roots among fugtives families in Europe, US and underground with the former street women in Iran, and the Reza-khany crime net works S. Ebadi has lure 1000's of uneducated secular air heads & lawless women and men and foolish youth, and the predators terror gangs the out law M.k.O, and Pahlavi crime networks, plus former "Iron curtain Marxist thugs fugtives in the US and in the lawless EU-nations plus the notorious son of the deposed imposter-shah Reza phlavi whom is the crime boss under he notorios Farrah whom is a fugtive from just in US-states with the millions stolen from the Iranian poor masses, with his crime & terror net works base in L.A west wood, and else where underground in US-states, and lawless British isles towns, a the failed state of France and connection within the backward unified germany which has failed the world nations expection after the fall of Berlin wall. a.r 2-2010

Mrs Shrin Ebadi whom her father & herself served the imposter son of Reza Khany and His sonM.R Phlavi un-islamic and crime-base secularism agaist UN-laws as well, Reza khan a thug who grow-up in the "east Tehran where all Tehrani sub-urban thugs from many providences cities in Iran centered popular for their arch-crimes in each city, with the name recongnition were base in east Tehran as a crime hit man, drug delaers and extorsionist and that's where Reza khan as a thugish charater himself came to be he was linked by race to out lawed Qajar gangs system Reza-khan as a alien descent Turk-man with his inner lust for illegitimate power as a under ground crime-pack member of dominated turkish thugs cast system in Iran millitary with out not much future as a solider because the imposter Qajar shah after he was slayed one of the Qajar imposter thug-king by a Persian noble-man so the days of the Qajar thug rules & east Tehran thugism were numbered by Iran's nation as a republic movement, with urban thugs backing & the ugly evil-doer British agent with their known flase-base Christian belives, as high way robbers as the world nation enemy # 1, imposters enpowering thugs whom were like themselfs in the prize of dehumanization of the world masses divine rights world wide, by flase base ideas corrupting their noble civilization like the great Medes-Persian and Parthian cluture whom laid the founation for human right by divine prephecies & humanism to progress, and coexistence on earth, "the planet of the people", the faceless, nameless Reaz khan and His son as a Nazi fundmentalist by the time Hitler came to power Reaz Khan to make the aggressor alien turkish mercenaries to act and practic like Nazi racist to keep thei domination over Iran nation, Reza khan as a arch-thug and social corruptor turn away from Islamic shria laws, and became a secular-mobster figure head in Iran and the west Asia, his police thug-force attacked women on the nations streets and he seized the civil rights of the women and disregard nobilty elderly rights in the nation provines, "Mrs Shrin Ebadi, whom flasely got a Noble Peace Prize on 2003, is wicked Reza-khany seculariest whom has lure uneducated women & street predators terror gangs the out law M.k.O, and the son of the deposed imposter shah Reza phalive a fugtive from just in US-states with million stolen from the Iranian masses, with his crime & terror net works base in L.A west wood, and else where underground in US-states, British isles town, france and in the shamful land of germany

"Mrs Shrin Ebadi, whom flasely got a Noble Peace Prize on 2003, is wicked Reza-khany seculariest whom has lure uneducated women, men and street predators plus terror gangs the out lawed M.k.O, and the son of the deposed imposter shah reza pahlavi a fugtive from just since 1979 now based in US-states with millions of dollars stolen from the Iranian masses, with his crime & terror net works base in L.A west wood and valley, and else where underground in US-states,and in the British isles town, Franch under ground cime net works whitin the french lawless lose pay to play with the zionist mobs in control of frence like the middle ages era, and in the than so called unified germany, and new consipacy of mass control, and brian washing of the youth, and abuse of the helpless elderly whom have lost faith after flase base leadership took over after the reunifition east and west.

Shrin Ebadi is under full investgation by the Islamic Republic of Iran, and soon ICC, she will pay for her crimes of division, insult to Islamic prophetic tradition, and cause street riots, looting and flase-base protest in Us-cites and lawless EU-nation

"Justic & Peace For The World Nations"

Special Reports: Justic For All", "UN-member Nations: Stop the organzined crime & political mobs with their Muti-nationalist conspiracy out of control in their capitals, and in the UN, the sanctions, and their wars of aggression to rebel agaist God and man in order to dehumanize the world's smaller nations with less resoures to surivive and progress by their aims & not to be subjected again for the rejected to the dictatorial regimes as outlawed, and the Neo-fascism and serective muti-nationalist crime base political factions from west Europeian states and the lawles Israel-regime the corruptors factions within the republic of US, for more than half century of devision and mass-destruction world wide agaist humanty and social progress, in order to save guarded their looting schemes over the world-nations natual resoures for their unholy disputes due to their darken past, and uncertian future" by U.C.L.A a.r march 2010


*By The All Mighty God Will, And Divine Prohecy They Fall, One After Another From The Warlocks Alexander "the great imposter", to The Arch-rebillion Agaist God Marc Anthony Of Rome, & The Imposter Herod King Of The Wicked Jews And The Roman's Ceasars, Up To The Dark-ages, & 20th-Century Imposters From The East & West Whom Follwed The Same Darkened Fates!


"The Savage-blood & the Dreamers to Shed Blood for the Booty", with their lies like the father of lises satan, with their muti-national flase-base alliance and the ever darken vision of enslaving the modern world hard working masses their rights for an evil inspired flase system to reappear on earth for their doom days cults schemes not true christan, and their historical tyrants with no acceptable legacy to pass on to their chidren only to carry on their plots of corruption by a new arch-tyrant domestically in the US by the 2-party rime bosses as bio-corruptors, and U.K, states under British darken crown, and the backward and immoral EU- member nations with no centeralized leadership like their past over the lost 2000 darkened years of mislead & masses gecoide physical destruction of the mother earth, and a brand of savagery only comparable the worest of wild beast in the western & southern European states and their brain washed dehumanized "death-mercenary armies", not serve one God or the Christ teaching by the ancient text "true Gospel" but their arch-demons of the past and the present Time-beast to harbor fugivities in order to divide classes, corrupt order by their thugish news media, and beyond that further corrupt the world new green movements for social improvment & future of peace & the divine order like the befor Christ Era when they scattered over the ancients lands to live off others, to loot and kill move on like the wild-predator packs in the eastern lands, to aviod their people's nobles visions to bulid their own & to nobley share with others.

The cursed remain of Roman out law empires from the B.C to A.D eras they corrupted eastern & western land but the God's angelic system make them to be defeated & slayed like the wild-beast by the time-less heros, and braves among free nations like the "Partian kings men vs roman pagan aggressors in the east" and their own hero's as well, by the God will & divine order, the world public-enemies as the ceasars of rome, to slay or be slayed as the rebillion agaist God blessed lands, like the Arch warlock of Alexander of Maciodenia, and foolish Julius Ceasar of rome, slayed by the noble brutius & roman senators and the warlock Marc Anthoy, & Imposter king Heriod the 1st as the puppet of rome took over the weaker nations before Christ the saver birth, imposter Heriod & his secretive demonic pagan cult order agaist the Hebrew's scared revived Torah teaching, and the masses, with the wicked Babel darkened myth of lust among the Hebew minorty whom were revived since Ezera-era by the good their faith, and the king Art-Xerxers noble support, as the cursed & the wickedness passed on to their perverted generations, and the men and women of the flase-pride among them with their wicked predatory nature for crime and wars, these wicked men & women of the lost era, as the satans' well known bibical reincarnation through their heir line from the east to the west, which their fates are foretold by the prophets & mystic alike as deceivers among mankind with their ignorant cast system as sinful corruptors, whom are born to cause misery, poverty, wars, and to deprive the world noble masses whom liberated them, for their darken coming doom-days over and over again on earth to fullfil their outcultish Babel crime duties, and their grand schemes for the "modern era cooperative underground world system of greed, control & deprivation of man" and to pass on their wicked legacy to their arch-crime operators as their elected leaders, and their predatory man to carry it on for them with world nations govemental systems looped in schemed darken plots, and out of control UN-member nations whom have failed to protect their nation values, and rights. Essay written by the U.C.L.A writer & poet scholar A.raoufi, oct-08

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