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Vistual experience in coloration, from the "Primary colors to Secondary colors", for any student in fine arts is esstential to begin, canvas painting by Golpy,a.r, AL.Raoufi UCLA Arts & design graudate, whom assisted professorss Jan Stussy, Oscar winning Doc-art film maker Sam Amato, and world known for his moder sculpures in US, and in EU-states, professor Guy Dill, as a UCLA teacher with his unique vision in progression in modern art, and OP art, now a Venice Beach California residence studio artist whom guide AL raoufi at UCLA art school, and as well in his studio in Venice Beach to progress in his OP & Metaphsical arts, also as a humantrian for justic & equaliy in progressive democatic party countiuned by former US great president Obama, & honorable Jhon Kerry in US state department until 2016 golpy©2018

Prepartory Metaphsical female figure painting, by Golpy A.R as an expermental design the vital femal role within earth cosmic-order for the "mother earth", as man's physical invironment golpy, a.r© 1994, L.A CA

An OP art small scale painting, title, "Sun Shines Some Where", by Golpy A.R, AL Raoufi, UCLA arts ©1990, L.A CA

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Introduction to great masters of Futurism Carlo Carra & Metaphsical-master DeChirico and what leaded for them to meet and to become modern art great futurism & metaphyical movement leaders, with their effortless study and unity to depart from facist-era, and esablish a new original art movement for all classes of people to be represented with their share values in modern & space age era their works from art collectors, and modern art museums shows their life efforts aim for the new modern art movement text by UCLA artist & teacher Golpy A.R,©5-2018 photos coming soon

*Rolling Sun Disc, a minture sacle model for a fabricated protape sculpture, by Golpy A.R 1998,L.A ©2017

A conceptual scale model, a global-form resembling earth shape in motion, with 3 extendible arms as postive external force. Golpy,1988 a.r©1992

Classical human figure modification, by the parthian kingdom 170-B.C era "Modern Iran" artisan men, resembling kings & their coins in progressive manner over 2000-years ago, which our pre-modern art movement, by artist like Dali, and Henery Moore grow, Golpy, A.R 2018.

*"CODE PINK", Women For Peace, for the daily news, progress in justice & liberty, ban on nuclear weapons at home US-Republic and world-wide, also logon www.ICan.org, and support the noble women of America, and the world peace loving nation for a greater voice & action. please Logon at WWW.CodePink.org*

Support Progressive Democratic Canidiates In US States For Governorship, US-house as senators & congress men & women, obstructional leadership in what former Texas congress man Ron Paul called a conterfit republican-party with his anti-social networks of mass-control media loud mouth, for their bosses to stay in their post, to marginlize US citizen right in all level in the 50-states of our broken union, with ecnomical hardship for famlies, students and working class not being able to live their lives in healthy way, for newer packs of scams of richs or their "Pay To Play" protected political games by the many member of US-house and their forign agents as their backers, & their corporate lobbies in the US capital.

Please Logon at: www.ProgressiveDemocrate.com, and coop in all level and only vote for people candidates, for the "Old Republic Under God & Justic For All", must be restore by the Divine-intervation we shall overcome, here in 2018 and beyond, for a new unity under Christ the Messiah true-historical Gospel and new ways of teaching the truth in all us-states, by rejecting hellenist base, & roman-herodian docrine which are anti-christ to it's preverted core, corrupting the very bases in the US politcal System by the men & women of ill-will whom disguised as the enemies of the republic, not publice servant in direct opposttion against the world progressive & surviving nation, beyond the fall of Berlin Wall in 1991, when US president president MR. G.H Bush aim to fellow MR.regan plan for world peace, and new era in US-republic political order, which came short for 2nd term by serective plots of forign base interest, and disloyal US-house members as pro-israeli state for their fabricated lawless monopoly in both parties, whom with their illwill & division for the world peace, and mid-east , by president Regan & Bush for a true peace process, and 2-state soultion in mid-east, not the walls of darkness in Mr.Clinton era which which extended darker conflict before 2001 9/11 era, which has lead to deep divsion in US-house of no "show No action" for the US voters untile now 2018 which has become the new era of decline against the vital interest of the American people, and world nations whom stand for justice for all and peace."

The New Pre-ploted well crafted divisional & proven twisted grand-scams doom-tape fabricated written reading texts, aimed for more divisional conflicts, and isolation of US-republic role as peace maker, not a trouble maker since 2016 election

In the UN-security Council, in the US-mission now a woman of Hindo descent a "shame less, nameless, hypocrite, double dealing Nikky Haley the former publicly-rejected governor of respected S. Carolina, as our ambassodor in UN-security council, her aims in general proven to be obstruction of justic, as a member of "Hate People Rights Networks" adding the recent post given to the Arch-hater obstructionist John Bolton as newer arch-agent of obstructional-plots of suppression, not of us proven noble diplomacy lost since president Regan & Bush, by this dark horseman, which only corrupts the humanism of the noble values of the majority of US-public aims, and legacies of the US great presidents, for lack of justice & peace at home, not an ongoing premediated cults groups networks, for more division, conflicts for their aims occupying top posts in the US governmental-system for their newer rejected radical plans, only to corruption, and waste people's time and money of the tax payers at home and overseas for their illegal assoication with those proven external enemies of US-republic. May The Warth Of Holy Father Be Upon them.


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