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Vistual experience in coloration, from the "Primary colors to Secondary colors", for any student in fine arts is esstential to begin, canvas painting by Golpy,a.r, AL.Raoufi UCLA Arts & design graudate, whom assisted professorss Jan Stussy, Oscar winning Doc-art film maker Sam Amato, and world known for his moder sculpures in US, and in EU-states, professor Guy Dill, as a UCLA teacher with his unique vision in progression in modern art, and futurism as a worldly admired artist, now as a Venice Beach California residence artist, MR. Guy Dill as an art professor & studio artist whom directly superised AL raoufi, Metaphysical sculptural projects Figure-mates, and animated wooden figures 16-mm short film, screened at UCLA arts for art professors & students, as a new vistual experment, animated and filmed in A.R golpy home studio in Venice Beach California in 1978-81, and following years in his home studio in L.A with Golpy new progress in his OP & Metaphsical arts, and mystical poetry, as a published poet, with years upto the 2009 with a chance for a studio space and back yard a.r golpy as a residence artist in Long Beach CA working on new OP-paintings, and reviving some UCLA era drawing & sculptual concept and works, by going to the established tradition of the modern, surralism, great Dali & Rene Magritte, futurism, Carlo Carra and metaphysical-master De Chirico 2018

Gondophares Mazdian king Coinage, whom Saint Thomas Baptised

Parthia, Republic Of Iran in the new age revalation, before Christ the Messiah ascension from earth to heaven, the very noble Saint Thomas was directed by the Messiah to go to the great Parthian kingdom, as a brave apostal saint Thomas made a trip to the eastern parthian king Gondophares court, welcome by the Mazdian king, as king's honorable quest, Thomas also Baptised the king, and presented Christ true-gospel to the king, Gondophares had saint Thomas to go the the masses and share to Gospel with masses by reason, parthia become's a blessed nation, from the 3-magi's era 4-B.C upto 14-A.D by Christ the Messiah, and the saint Thomas became the patron-saint of partia, bless be those nation whom are true fellowers of Christ the saver, and as true friends great-parthia modern Iran, and may cruse of the Holy father be upon those wrong mind in the east & west as sinister nations whom plot, coconspire ill-wishes against the scared land of Iran-partia of old, and their faithful people in this era of greed, and WMD'S corrupting the earth.

*ANCIENT CITY OF RAY IRAN, A Parthian Mazdian Temple uncoverd*

Prepartory Metaphsical female figure painting, from sculpture version by Golpy A.R as an expermental design the vital femal role within earth cosmic-order for the "mother earth", as man's physical invironment in the sinister & notorious WMD'S stock piles, wasting both human & earth bio-organic life. golpy, a.r 1994-2018, L.A CA

An OP art small scale painting, title, "Sun Shines Some Where", by Golpy A.R, AL Raoufi, UCLA arts 1990, L.A CA

Contact: Please Email Golpy at: golpystudio@gmail.com

Introduction to great masters of Futurism Carlo Carra & Metaphsical-master DeChirico and what leaded for them to meet and to become modern art great futurism & metaphyical movement leaders, with their effortless study and unity to depart from facist-era, and esablish a new original art movement for all classes of people to be represented with their share values in modern & space age era their works from art collectors, and modern art museums shows their life efforts aim for the new modern art movement text by UCLA artist & teacher Golpy A.R,5-2018 photos coming soon

*Rolling Sun Disc, a minture sacle model for a fabricated protape sculpture, by Golpy A.R 1998,L.A 2017

A conceptual scale model, a global-form resembling earth shape in motion, with 3 extendible arms as postive external force. Golpy,1988 a.r1992

Classical human figure modification, by the parthian kingdom 170-B.C era "Modern Iran" artisan men, resembling kings & their coins in progressive manner over 2000-years ago, which our pre-modern art movement, by artist like Dali, and Henery Moore grow, Golpy, A.R 2018.

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