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Under the waxing moon one night in late April

Over the yard flower bed, where the rose bush stands'

With the moon light spreading over the eastern horizon

And it's silver beam light over the lone rose bush buds

Near the rose bush branches by chance that night

Like a red ruby find, one rose bud dazzled me and shone

With the spring season forthcoming for it's revival

The beauty of a rose always captives one's inward attention

A rose-plant dependence remains, with the gardener actions

For it's soil cultivation, and a good enough watering

With the full moon waning away, and after three nights

Our yard spring first rose bud, was blooming in full

Rose bushes in their livelihood likewise face hardships

Like the stormy winds, rains, a frozen winter and neglect.

Sonnet by: A.R golpy 4-30-2012