Beyond 63 B.C Era, and a new-era the (Roman Peace) by the Augustus Ceasear the founder of Imperial Roman Government whom banned the once popular with it's good deed & it's Ulimate-savage acts of the Old Olympic Games, until it's new revive in the early 19th century"

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?, and now-days the commercialization of the games by the New-bosses whom run it as the head of the different sports departments within the federation in the Modern Olympic Federation, which in 2008 Chnia Beijing has brought lost, discouragement for the athletes with great talent, and the sports fan in general whom have follow and have watch the games" & the renewal of the Old-banned Savage-brand acts by the planers, and operators whom allowed Compact-timing of the sports events such as the Greco-roman Wrestling match, "4-5 matches in One-day for a Wrestler from many different nations, frist to have them wrestle, very hard to win premiary matches, 2-matches at leaset, and by the after noon with out much rest, or relaxation had them to wrestle for the 3rd-match, when a wrestler is already worn-out to perfom any how, in order to for the planers, and judges to rap it up their matches quickly, weather due their thougthlessness, or unprofessionalism, greed, and dirty poltical-tricks to over-power ones right to win regardless of their national origin in the Beijing 2008 Olympic, a simliar scence to the Ancient Greek's Slave-masters on going schemes against the greeks youths to perform wrestling matchs in the level of killing their opponets on the Gory site, in order to please the master, and the foolish spectators, and lastly to be honored in some ways, untile the next killer-wrestler arrives on the site, on the new Gory-stage set to Smach-down the former wrestler in the pool of blood, and to kill him as a winner?


Not The Lawless German Again Whom Make The Beautiful Game Disgracful

World Cup 2006, was the the paved playground for the Germany political Fat-cats of these days to use Sports as a polish-tool for to obstruct on fasle bases in the "EU, & UN", and go along to schemes of the world dictators in the "UN-security council", as a useless member like the known wrongful 3-PM members having the similar "Nazi blue-print maps for the world destruction", now sharing their immoral plots of division with mortal Western nation dictators as their new Dark Bible of "Blood & Booty", with their WMD's arsenal on hand, and for the higher plots of muti-nationalist crimes of control in UN, as the mass genocide agaist the many of the world faithful, hard working, and peaceful nations goes on whom before the fall of Berlin-wall, with their aims, and good faith backed the german nationals world wide, along with other now as "Pay to Play" shameful European nations by efforts made to further their cause to reunified as nobler nation, not as a lost nation by the Marxist-schemes, and the "Berlin-wall death zone", in the order to bring hope to their people, in the East & west, and Europe as general, but for the Modern-era street mobs to rise, and the old rejected Alien-thugs, to regroup as the co-ruling class to turn to "Germanic Crime-clock back to their Barbaric old when Hellenist-tape german defeated by a stronger predator-thug under J.Ceasuar, the notorious Marc Anthony the "Roman Warlock" known for his crimes of the burning the Temple of Solomon and bringing to power a muderer, the Arch-demon Heriod the 1st as an imposter-king over the liberated nation of the Hebrews, and later onby bringing a german general and armies of the "Blood & Booty Mercenaris" to the noble nations of the East & Euro-asia by thier Fasle-gods as well as the sign of their igorance, and tyrannical empire, but the lights of the many prophesies shown, and the Good-fate and heroic wars of self defense doomed the "Warlock Marc Anthony", and His germanic thug-general to their ulimate historical defeat by the Parthian king's men and the nations of the Good-faith in the East, to refurther the causes of Libery, humanism, and civilization back to their divine-path, a half century before the Brith of "True Christ", as the foretold Messiah, by the Old-faith, hope "True Christ" words will manifest for the salvation to come on Earth, agaist the enemies of the world nations, in their new fasle-base unity, & rules inthe EU-nations which are making their childern and the world to suffer, and don't progress ?

NBA 2008 FINALS, Los Angeles Lakers Vs Boston Celtics, "Best of the Seven Games"

GAME #1 AT BOSTON June, 5-2008

Boston Celtics Aren't Basket Ball Aren't The Men's Man Team, " but a revived basket ball court Trash Talking Feminine-tape?. With their sport arena fans Cheap-old chants Beat L.A", Time Will Tell!

San Antoni.....SPURS?, Spurs player again in the NBA-2008 Playoffs, game # 3 at: San Antonio Spurs # 20 Mr M Ginobili, with Known Midlle-ages TRICK known among lesser Wicked-women, plays with a Finger-nail or nails, so he will be able to scare the host player to score Extra-points?

SPURS, An Old-bone in the Western Conference, the NBA fans hope world-wide the Present Spurs players, to stop becoming "The Wild-bunch from San Anton!".


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