2011Glendal Cruise night: Robin M & his dear wife of the Burbank California, with his 1932 Ford Sedan classic, fully restored in detail, with a solid-orange custom-paint, super clean interior, with brand new V-8 Chevy Engine, Trans, and Rear-axel, with the Dual Exhaust-pipes, and racing tires, as one the best fully restored Hot Rod in the 2011 Glendal Curise-night voted by the www.AutoTechMagazine.com. Photos by A.R Golpy2011*

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2010 Glendale Cruise Night, the best restored classic a 1951 Chevy DeLuxe owned by Louie of Glendale California, Photo shots

1951 Chevy DeLuxe owned by Louie of Glendale California, equiped with the 1950's " Cylidrical Air-Condition", manually operated with pouring ice into cylinder from the opener on the top front, with it's manual cool-air flow window from the passager side in the back seat", a wonderful jewel of the 1950's super De luxe cars era*

Louies cousin Chevy De Luxe equiped with cylindrical Air-condition

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