BMW 2002 CLASSIC Body Panels & Spots Photographs

Front, & back veiws before the repair begans

This 1972 BMW 2002, restoation process, by golpius has been done at Abram Friedman Auto Body Repair & Paint School, at Down Town Los Angeles, under the supervision of Mr Jose Guerrero

Driver Side Front Fender Multi Views

Back views, damaged faded paint surface, with the rusted spots under the license plate

Damaged door panel driver side, with the large rusted spots, and cracked paint surface & dents

Damaged & rusted Passager-side back fender view with the dent, faded paint surface, & minor rust spot

Driver Side Back Fender with the faded old paint

Driver side back fender, after the faded paint was reomved, by the sanding process, It's almost ready for the frist code primer.

Driver side back-fender, afer the panel was sanded, and got It's first primer code; more filling , and sanding must be done

1972 BMW Classic-2002, full back view, of the exterior surface, and inside truck ajointed panels damaged by years of minor, and major rusting under the licence-plate, also the lower parts arches, crues lines, a must major repair restoration job, by Auto Body Restoration, Paint and Custom, and founder of L.A Sports & Classic Auto Restoration Club "Tech-master Golpy A. Raoufi, a U.C.L.A, L.A Abram friedmn classic, and sports expert, as Magazine tech-writer, and a teacher".


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Damaged,rusted & broken trim surfaces on the both sides, the side trims were completely repaired, by cuting and weilding new formed metal pieces, and converted to a new form; which looks as "A modern design concept trim for the classic hot rods" under the 2002 BMW 2-doors. After reshaping project was finished, the front and back of panels, it gives the Classic a much better look and resistance not to be broken; and damaged again.

Muti-views of a damaged Exhaust pipe surface, and It's external acess, first with a new cut, and double layer of metal screen, filler fiber-glass to make the internal back stroger, over the external surface with crack; and line, It was repaired by the fiber-glass filler; after the spot sanding is finished, the surface was cleaned, and the next step It was primered, and ready for back panel refinishing with poly-primer


Muti-views 1972 Classic BMW, 2002, old rim, which has been clean from oil and dirt sanded, and is being prepared for Metallic custom paint, in order to perserve the origanal rims

Mutia-view of the drive-side front rim primed, and painted metallic-blue

LEFT: Front rim driver-side painted metallic-blue. MIDDLE: Back rim-view, driver-side has been priemed carefully, ready to be painted. RIGHT: full side view, would give a better visual-idea, for the refinishing stage.

1972 BMW 2002 Classic, by the April 2007 theplates under the hood the cross bars are securied, by spot weilding correctly, refilled by fiber-glass, sand down and priemed ready for the base-coat painting in the booth. Auto Body Tech by Al, digital photos by Golpy at: WWW.AutoWebMagazine.com, 4-2007

After complete restoation of the 72 BMW internal panel, with help of an auto body assoicate we took off the hood to apply the frist base-coat paint a Metallic-blue color in the paint booth Al air off the hood panel than frist he painted the the hood border-line, and the cross bars, after that Al with good control over the paint-gun let medium amount of the paint to be applied, in order to give it few minutes for the fresh paint to dry out for the second round of cross section painting both from the top portion to the bottom part, over all the base-coat went okey, but later on after the hood dried out, Al said he is going to make ajustiment as far as weather he likes the Metallic-blue Base-coat, he said he is considering to add some white -paint to the rest of the metallic-blue paint in order to make it much brighter-blue color, it will be more suitable background color under the hood for the mechanical repair and a light under the hood a classic 1972 BMW 2002, May, 2007 ...


Driver-side panel, and the full restored & priemed back view; after the1st stage body panels restoration, to the 2nd stage which all 12 Body-panels surface must be checked by the Auto Body Repair Tech-man, for the each panel Low, and High-spots, minor surface lines which are visble by hand touching, and resanding, and refilling by various body-filler boundo material the best avaible in the the Auto Body Supply Market, before the final prepation for refiishing 2nd stage full Body Panel Surface readiness, for the 3rd professional paint-job, depending of the Car-owner for a Full Paint-job in a secured Paint-booth, or garage.

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