Written statement Regarding My Present Medical Symtoms & Needed Treatments and My Unsuitable Present Apartment Unit In Long Beach

Written statement For The Honorable Housing Authority of the City of Long Beach, for the Applicant AL Raoufi aim for moving to a lower rental towns in the State Of California

1:Due to present apartment compact kitchen space, I can't move freely using my wheelchair as I may needed with my back & left pain increase in the winter season to move around to prepare a hot meal, or wash my dishes, while my physical pains on left leg & Bell Pasly on my left side effects me from head to toe increases in the evening, and some times through the night

The wheelchair foot-pedals I kept, I need a working one soon

The above wheelchair, with borken wheel, and set damage, I gave it as donation to salvation army lost march, it's foot-pedals are reusable.

Due compact space in my present 1-Bed room apartment unit in long beach, I had to keep the wheelchair behind my back door most of the times.

3:I only have this bath-chair equipment to which help's me from falling, due to sudden left leg hardening on my torn muscle, since may 1997 a larger apartment-unit will help me better in the extra-room would allow me to get a self aid "theraptic inversion table" which I don't have it now, to relife muscle tension daily, and it's painful effect which I experience in the morning for few hours as a senior at age 68-years old I need accommodation, also to get help from friends for some cooking & cleaning when I am ill, that's when after I move to new location in compact 2-bed room lower rate apatment in palm spring CA, I can not afford to hire a senior aid services, my younger sister suffering from cancer, she can't come to help me, only vouunteer friends can give me some assiant

I must use two tape back relife support belts to reduce back pain, I don't have the new one's with copper plates, which reduces pain on back & my knees when I walk.

I used aid walking crutches before, since may-1997 when I had left leg injured at work at L.A Metro Traffic Couthouse in on Hill St, in Los Angeles, for the 2-month period, while i was getting some treatment at JWCH clinic in L.A, and now I keep them handy in case reinjury, I may need them again in my storage.

I need to get this new self help theraptic "inversion table", I can't afford now due to my share of monthly rent increased to $204, since March-2018 and outdoors food prizes up, the inversion table recommand by the DR. Mandell, at www.losebackpain.com, and my personal doctor Talaro, from JWCH Medical Institute, to be used for back and leg muscles to help blood circlation, I need the extra room, in compact 2-bed room apartment to set, my own basic self theraptic aid to relife muscle tension, I aim to get the inversion table and put it in the extra-room after moving to a compact 2-bed room in palm springs, since April 2018 Medicare part-A has been cancled, along with my April & May doctor appiontments at JWCH-clinic, I suffer from daily pains, and lack of medication, here in my long beach aparment unit, until change in medicare are made, or just basic medical.

Due to monthly cost for a Chiropractic Clinic visit and which I can not afford at the present, I haven't any so far, while beside my left leg pain and back I have a right shoulder joint with chronic pain since Oct-2017 when I slaped down with my bicycle in blue line L.A station, my doctor say I need Chiropractic doctor treatment to reduce my daily pain, no treatment yet

I used my regular walking kane aid for outdoors, for indoor use I need to get a new stronger metal one soon.

Present Issues in my buliding, in 4-units Apartment

The new owner MR. C Gold has done many repairs and new improvements, this small compact unit up stair still is not suitable unit for me as a senior with physical limitation, street noise, and lack of security with open front gate, in Feb-2017 my bicycle was stolen while I left it in back yard to get my shopping bag to go to market, some one must have fallowed me to our yard, Long Beach Police advisor told I should move from this area.

Due to the presnt difficulties I am in a urgent need for "an offical letter of accommodation support from Long Beach Housing Authority for Section-8 lower rental, an offical letter of approval to get a compact 2-Bed room apartment, with extra-room do basic daily self theraptic routine to relife muscle tension, so I be able to function, the inversion table, it has been prescribed by my doctor Mrs Talaro, from JWCH Medical Institute, to be set in an extra-room after moving to a new location in Palm Springs CA," which rental fee is much lower than long beach, or L.A, with the buliding with better security for seniors, I have few rental information from the section-8 office in palm springs, they say I need to get the "Long Beach Section-8 an accommodation letter first" it would makes it easier to begin the process & cost, plus hardship of moving in a suitable unit, and rental agreement with the land lords, rather than moving in unsuitable unit in palm springs, and move out again later on, I also find out there are better access to medical clinics and doctors for senior with disablity, which now I must travel monthly from Long Beach to L.A for a doctor visit at least for 3-hours both way to the JWCH clinic in san pedro St, which many times Blue-line has delay, and I don't make for my appiontment on time.

My Doctor Letters, from JWCH Medical Institute, and my Appiotnments cancelation due to medicare plan-A cancel for senior are enclosed, I hope for the Honorable Housing Authority of the City of Long Beach, consideration for approving my request for relocation in Palm Springs CA," which rental fee is much lower than long beach, I find a 2-bed compact for $950/monthly, with buliding security, dishwasher, and heating system, and trash disposal.

Written statement and photos for the applicant, AL Raoufi, Addrees: 2073 Cedar Ave Long Beach, CA 90806, Tel: (562)786-7416