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www.AutoTechMagazine.com, is looking for beginer, or semi-professional "Drift Racer men & women with their high performance cars", for the www.Auto Tech Magazine.com web promotion, with our web-support, and greater web-listing for the name recogination with the greater organizations of the "Auto rapid drifting sports team" & with our reference to the "Drifting auto body tech & custom for the drift-driver & their sponsors". Please contact golpy at: golpystudio@gmail.com, and send photo shots of your drift racer & your experience.

Auto Tech Magazine, "Auto Body Tech Garage", does quality exterior body panels modifiction, & interior modifiction for the "drift racer cars" by appointment and assign work plan, we are base in L.A & Long Beach California for more info contact golpy at: golpystudio@gmail.om

*Auto Tech Magazine.com, Looking for female models "18-years old to 55" amateur & semi-professional for our websites "www.autowebmagazine.com, and www.autotechmagazine.com" for website promotion, a web-display of your profile, and photo shots for a possible referal to the "Hot Rod, Classic, new cars & Auto sport tech market", in the US & over seas for the basic exchange we provide a custom personal web-display or a web-page under your given name in the Auto web & Auto Tech Magazine.com, with your photo shots & contact information for the promotion of your artistic talent as "a auto sport model" in the automotive market, Hot Rod & Classic, & Drift-racing Magazines greater market, for more info please contact golpy at: "golpystudio@gmail.com", and E-mail 3 to 8 photo shot taken with any Classic & Exotic cars, or with the lanscape background with short profile of yourself in a modest fashion "No-nude picture, or any super exposed photos allowed" please E-mail it for our board review.*

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