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1958, XK-150 Jaguar Road-star Classic "As is photo-shots" in the auto body garage.

Passager-side fender Tail-light back panel is damaged, made out of Iber-glass, & risen material, we need to mold, a Tail-light componet, which will match the broken one, by the Aluminum-sheet, and a scale drawing of the Tail-light panel, and a cardbord Fit-model, and than an Aluminum-sheet model, which will match the contour of the damaged tail-light form, which a good over lap, over the solid undamaged part of the Tail-light panel, study and consideration for this project are by reseach from Auto body Tech-books, personal source, liberary, auto magazines, and some good on line reseach, by Golpy, Mr saeed & mr Pun april-08

1958 Classic Jagvar Road-star, with a modified Fiber-glass body panels step by step study for get to known how, repair protect, by a team of auto-tech men and students, April-2008 start-up. By Golpy from Auto Tech Magazine.com, for Auto Body Tech, CD-project.

Journey to the resoration of one a kind 1958, Jagvar Road-star classic, own by the master Mechanic Mr. Saidi of the Los Angeles California whom kept this classic-Jagvar safely for many years in his Long Beach california garage aiming to restore it sonner or later.

After weeks on conversation, and auto body tech-talk with Mr Pun about this 1957-58 C-tape Jaguar, which it's original frame and unibody are made of sheet-metal fabrication old-school, and it's New auto body panels are made of lighter weight Faber-glass founation Fully-modified to fit the it's Orginial unin-body form. As it's visible from the Photograph Back-view of the Jaguar, the Passenger-side Back-fender Tail-light section of the panel is fully damaged and broken, its fronal-view about 6" in Hight, and 12.1/2" width, in it's Semi-regtangular form, 1st I measured the Drive-side undamaged Tail-light opening exact Hight, and Width, and with Transparent Gray-fabric, and Magic-marker I truced the Oveal shape opening which the tail-light compent unint goes, and that where we have to start make our planing with Mr Pun, from concepts to draw a Tech-plans, to discuss on the next session and some material like the Light-weight Aluminum-sheet easy to form and cut, to make a Mold--tape model; which fits the Passager-side Tail-light damaged back-fender section. Golpy July-2008

The original tailights compent unint were lost during the storage era, we had hard time to find Taillights unit or parts need, there for we have to start make our planing with the tech teacher Mr Pun, from a conceptual to visual to draw a Tech-plan, and serach for simliar look tailights, from the European made classic cars, so myself golpy took a trip to L.A Sun Valley junk yard, with to trips I find 2-sets of old VW'S in the junk yard, pictures shown below. golpy mid-2008, to Jan-2009

Left 1958 Jaguar dirver-side taillight interior out line, compare with a VW classic 2-door in the Junk yard, we got a close idea as far as the basic forms, photo by golpy 2008

In this VW classic station wagan tape the taillights are much larger out ward, interesting but at the Auto Body shop we aim to find the frist one taillights compents on line, or 2nd hand.

Nov, 2009 so far most of the body panels are fully restored, plus the engine rebulit, and enigne-interior mounting full repair & paint. Sept-1 back-view photo of the classic Jag: under the spare-tire place there is like a mini-truck space, in early Nov-09 one evening in the garage when I look at the inside of it in the passenger side inward down there were a (3 by 5") rusted hole with a rusted with a rusted visble line towards the back part, I talk to my assoicate body-tech about it, after that I got my tools ready frist with a metal bursh I removed some of the lose rust layer, and than by a grinder from inside I removed the deep rust around the hole, and mostly all over the surface of the spare-tire holder mini-truck with minor rusted areas. Step-2... we must jack the back tires, and set it on stands to carefully look under the spre-tire mini-truck for structual damages due to interior & exterior surface rust.

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