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Auto Body Panel Metal Fabrication from concept to visual design by golpy at Long Beach Auto Body Restoration Garage. © a.r golpy march 2010

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For the 12 to 14" long pipe, you must have a long pipe 7-9 foot in order to bent the angle you aim to make you must have or rent a pipe-benting tool locally, for my project I need the one with 1.3/4" opening, "don't try to bent a pipe piece with Gas & Oxgen high-heat and hammer it to bent, it will twist instead of an arc-shape, and it becomes useless project, look at expermented heated pipe 3nd photo shot on the top. Feb-2010 golpy-tech

For the Metal fab-deluxe goply cut a nice of metal-pipe13.1/2 length with a 1.3/4 diameter with a narrower handle grip in the pipe's bottom part, and than he shaped the handle top part fit a "Fish-eye" form slowly with a mounted shop disc-grinder to get a right fiting joint form, which will fit all around the top "Arced pipe part right in the middle" which yet it has to be made from a long metal-pipe to be arced with a pipe-benting tool manual or a professional tube benting shop tool, in a 45" angle to fit with the handle top fiting joint the "Fish-eye". golpy-tech © feb-2010

Teno the A.F Auto Body Tech center with most experience welded the support pipe to make any triangle support on the handle and the arched top 2-open ends, to weld a 12" handle to a 3 1/2 horizontal pipe, you cut an even concave fit to be welded to the top of the 12" handle, for a small metal fab-hammer. © March 2010 a.r golpy

Professional, and garage basic metal fabrication tools

A professional pipe or tube benting manual tool, with muti-gear for various pipes.

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